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we printed to 100 copy of tapes...
Upcoming gigs :

23.04. Barcelona TBA
25.04 Madrid la Primera
29.05. Tommy Weisbecker Haus// Berlin Punk Festival
25.06. Tommy Weisbecker Haus // with Rubella Ballet (UK) and Totenwald (Bln)


released January 28, 2020

All song written by EGO
Recorded, Mixed and mastered by Cimot(Damage_frequency)
some days in the fall 2019.
Cover artwork and Layout by Doomsday Graphic
Photo by Montecruz photo


all rights reserved



EGO Berlin, Germany

Berlin based Punk band with international Line up

Vocal : Nesha
Guitar : Cimot
Bass : Chemikal
Drum : Frankie Trash


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Track Name: Stupid
Smart phones,
Smart homes,
Smart cars,
Smart bombs,
...And stupid people!
Smart citys,
Smart wars,
Smart TV’s,
Smart bombs
...And stupid people!
Track Name: Mrtva Buducnost
Za one koji dolaze
Mi pripremamo pogrebe,
Za one jos ne rodjene Jedino sto ostaje
Mrtva buducnost!
Sta je smisao zivljena
I vere u bolje sutra?
Sta je svrha buducnosti?
Kada je odavno mrtva.
Mrtva buducnost!


2.Dead Future
For those that are coming
after us,
we are preparing funerals
For those yet to be born,
only that remains is
Dead Future!
What is the point of living
and faith in a better
What is the purpose of the future
when it's long dead?
Dead Future!
Track Name: Paranoja
Crne duge noci,
Patrole su na ulici,
Zidovi prisluskuju,
Strah vodi me na ulici.
Svakodnevna paranoja!
Senke su u prolazu,
U daljini krici,
Glas spikera vristi
Da svi smo mi vojnici.
Svakodnevna paranoja!
Prozori su zamraceni,
Kroz njih gleda strah.
Izadji na ulicu,
Deri se u glas.
Svakodnevna paranoja!


Long dark nights,
There are patrols on the streets,
The walls are listening,
Fear leading me on a leash.
Everyday paranoia!
Shadows are passing by,
Screams in the distance,
The commentator is shouting
That we are all soldiers.
Everyday paranoia!
Windows are blacked out,
The fear is looking through them,
Go out on to the street
And scream out loud
Everyday paranoia!
Track Name: Sutra
Eko kataklizma,
Ili treci svetski rat
Sta ce biti sutra,
Hteo bih da znam
Ne znam, ne znam, ne znam,
A hteo bih da znam!
Sta ce biti sutra?
Razmisljam na glas.
Da li nove logore spremaju za nas?
Ne znam, ne znam, neznam,
A hteo bih da znam!
Nema sigurnosti,
Ne postoji spas.
Jedini je izbor:


Metak ili gas.Eco cataclysm,
Or world war III,
What will come of tomorrow?
I would like to know.
I do not know, I do not know, I do not know,
But I would like to know!
What will come of tomorrow?
I am thinking out loud.
Are they preparing new camps for us?
I do not know, I do not know, I do not know
But I would like to know!
There is no security,
There is no salvation.
The only choice is:
Bullet or a gas.
Track Name: Dekadent
Hladno je u srcima,
Hladni rat na vestima,
Granice su u glavama,
Krv je na zastavama.
Zivot je u rukama,
Pesma je u grlima,
Nozevi na vratovima,
Heroji pred vratima.
Mora egzistencije,
U eri dekadencije.
Kamere su na ulicama,
Lludi prose po trgovima,
Deca odrastaju u
Sloboda se meri eurima.
Mora egzistencije,
U eri dekadencije.
A ti kazes to je sudbina,
Da to je ljudska priroda,
I da nema vise razloga
Svet menjati iznova.


It is cold in hearts,
Cold war is on the news,
Borders are in the minds,
Blood is on the flags.
Life is in the hands,
Songs are being shouted,
Knives against throats,
Heroes are at the door.
Nightmare of existence,
In the era of decadence.
Cameras are in the streets,
People begging on the corners
Children growing up in
Freedom in measured in
Nightmare of existence,
In the era of decadence.
And you say that is destiny,
That it is human nature
And there are no more
To change the world again.
Track Name: Ljudi
Ponedeljkom rade,
Utorkom rade,
Sredom rade,
Uvek rade.
A petkom i subotom, uvece,
Razbijaju glave.


They are working on Mondays,
They are working on Tuesdays,
They are working on
They are always working.
But on Fridays
and Saturdays, at night,
They are smashing each other
Track Name: Do you love?
Do You Love?
Do you love your nation?
Do you love religion?
Do you love?
Track Name: Robovi Slobode
Robovi Slobode
Mi smo robovi slobode,
Demokratije, gospode.
Slozno vicemo parole
Da ce sutra biti bolje!
Mi smo, Mi smo, Mi smo
Mi smo robovi slobode,
Psihopate nas vode,
Frustracija nas kolje:
Da l’ ce sutra biti bolje?
Mi smo, Mi smo, Mi smo
Mi smo robovi slobode,
Srecni nosimo okove,
Hranimo svoje zlotvore,
Nikad nece biti bolje!


Slaves Of Freedom
We are the slaves of freedom,
Democracy, the rich.
We are shouting chants in unison
That tomorrow will be better.
We are, we are, we are
We are the slaves of freedom
Psychopaths leading us,
Frustration slaughtering us,
Will tomorrow be better?
We are, we are, we are
We are the slaves of freedom,
Happy we are wearing
We are feeding our tyrants
It will never be better!
Track Name: Novi Svet
Novi Svet
Pogledaj u novi svet,
Samo smrt i bombe,
NATO intervencije
I religijske dogme.
Novi svet
Pogledaj u novi svet,
Izbeglicke krize.
Tvrdjava Evropa,
Granice i vize.


The New World
Look at the new world,
Only death and bombs.
NATO interventions
And religious dogmas.
The new world
Look at the new world,
Refugee crisis,
Fortress Europe,
Borders and visas.
Track Name: Moc
Koga je murija cuvala?
Koga je to vojska branila?
Kome je banka davala?
Koga je drzava hranila?
Moc, vlast, tiranija!
I koga je crkva spasila?
Koga je to sila molila?
Kome je moc oprostila?
Kome se vlast poklonila?
Moc, vlast, tiranija!


Who did the cops guard?
Who did military protect?
Who did the bank give to?
Who did the state feed?
Power, authority, tyranny!
Who did the church save?
Who did the force beg?
Who did the might give
forgiveness to?
Who did the authority
gift to?
Power, authority, tyranny!

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